You'll never know who is falling in love with your smile if you never show it. They have to see it to love it, so smile.
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I can relate to this woman.

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Love your body women.

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Volunteer/Work Opportunity

Think you have what it takes to volunteer at the Aberdeen Fear Factory? They need people to volunteer. Tell your friends! It’s all new & improved and it will be fun. It can be work, but if you enjoy doing makeup, scaring people, or etc., then do join! Talk to the ones in charge by giving them a call or shooting an email. Do both because that’ll be the best way to get a reply! They’re looking for more talented people for makeup and construction, but if you want to learn, it never hurts to ask. In addition, they can teach you how to scare. Any questions or concerns, just ask them. Give it a try. It’s only about 1-2 months long. The actual maze will only run on scheduled times from Sept. 26 through October. Check the website and see if it’s for you! If it’s not, then no worries! Tell someone who you’d think it may be for!

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